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Hit-Not® Systems warn machine operators and warn individual pedestrians to help prevent struck-by accidents. Based on HazardAvert® technology that is fully proven in mining operations. A low frequency magnetic field is provided by a small generator that is attached to the canopy of the truck. Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) are either carried by pedestrians, attached to their hard hat or carried in a pocket on their safety vests. When a pedestrian is too close to a truck, both the pedestrian and the truck operator are given visual and audible warnings. If the pedestrian is dangerously close to the truck, both the pedestrian and the truck operator are given a more intense warning, a danger warning. Some Hit-Not® give similar alarms to prevent collisions between fork trucks. Automation control systems, PLC programming and systems builder, Servo control, HMI programming , LED Message signs designed and build & Ant-Theft solutions. ForkAware Forklift Pedestrian Safety Systems.

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